PhilNoni capsules are made from 100% whole ripe noni fruit that has been dehydrated, reduce to fine particles into a powder, then made into capsule.

There are no fillers, stabilizers, or preservatives in our capsules.

Both our capsules and juice are pure noni–the only difference is the juice is fermented, while the capsules are made from whole ripe fruit. Capsules are a great alternative for people who can’t tolerate the taste of noni juice and easy to carry during the travel

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule per day, Take half an hour before the meals

Per 100gAmt/serving 500mgRENI
Moisture 15.5gm0.08gN/A
Protein 18.6gm0.093g0.138
Ash 9.3gm0.046gN/A
Total Fat 6.3gm0.032gN/A
Total Carbohydrate 50.3gm0.25gN/A
Total Sugar 2.64gm0.013gN/A
Energy/Calorie 332 Keal1.66Keal0.066
Vitamin C 0mg0mg0
Vitamin E 0.73mg0.004mg0.033
Calcium 61mg0.30mg0.04
Iron 2.1mg0.011mg0.092
Magnesium 122.3mg0.61mgN/A
Sodium 330mg1.65mgN/A
Potassium 1.002mg5.0mgN/A